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Weight loss is a journey. It is a journey that one should not embark alone. The mental and physical challenge of shedding the extra weight by eating less and exercising more than what one is used to make sustainable weight loss unbearable. Some do not even know where to start, buying into what they think are easy-wins only to be disappointed. Without support and guidance, the weight loss journey can be discouraging.

From the aesthetics clinic that has a practice dedicated to weight loss and body contouring, Halley Medical Aesthetics (Halley) is proud to introduce the new Halley Body Slimming Clinic (Halley Body). Halley Body is an expansion and a bigger vision of what we have been doing at Halley.

Halley Body came about because we do not want people to feel guilty, sad, or alone on their weight loss journey. We want people to achieve their body goals through non-invasive treatments and weight loss products that are medically-proven, safe, effective, and affordable.

Once weight loss is achieved, the next part of the journey is body toning and sculpting. Halley Body delivers a holistic weight loss experience by also offering body contouring through non-invasive fat reduction treatments to create a svelte body silhouette. We then tone the body with body firming treatments to tighten loose skin that is the result of ageing, weight loss, or pregnancy. Complete your body transformation with muscle toning treatment that will tone and firm your body.

All our weight loss, fat reduction, and body firming treatments are created, monitored, and approved by our team of doctors. Speak to our guest relations staff for a body programme dedicated to your body goal.



Dr Terence Tan
(Right) Dr. Terence Tan

Medical Director, Halley Medical Aesthetics
MBBS (Singapore), MRCS (Edinburgh), M.Med (Surgery) (Singapore)

(Left) Dr. Mark Lim

Doctor, Halley Medical Aesthetics
MBBS (Singapore), MRCS (Edinburgh)



Weight Management
Weight Management

Lose weight and slim down safely and effectively for the long term.

Fat Reduction
Fat Reduction

Lose body fat and stubborn fat bulges.

Body Firming
Body Firming

Firm saggy skin and gain muscle tone.

The use of these treatments/products is dependent on the clinical assessment and judgement of a medical professional.
Please consult a medical doctor for an informed discussion on the use of this treatment/product.

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